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I moved to rural New Mexico in the spring of 2005 and having grown up by the ocean, I’d never experienced anything like it. I loved the movement in the landscape: the countours of the earth, the twisting roads, the wind in the clouds and trees...the sheer vastness of it all.


Rural New Mexico has a pastoral solitude unique unto itself. The passage of time doesn’t seem to have the same hold out here. Vintage trucks pass newer models on dusty roads. A tractor sits in the shade of a tree next to an old horse-drawn plow. Nowhere else have I witnessed the same humbling enormity of space coupled with the tiny reminders of human existence. Nature is the dominant feature in this environment and mankind’s efforts are rendered less significant. We become the needle in the haystack.


Recently I've taken a hiatus from my rural landscape work in order to explore some other expressions of my experience with the West. These explorations can be found on the page, 'New Work'. However, I've not completely abandoned this older style and continue to revisit it in commissioned work.





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