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New Work


While working in Atlanta in the '90's,  I began developing a style that synthesized my favorite aspects of the great Modern movements: Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. At the time this style was more a process: I felt satisfied with the visual aesthetic,  but didn't feel I had the subject matter to fully realize it. Eventually I moved on to other ideas but I always kept this style in mind, often experimenting with it in the under-paintings of my landscapes. It was important to me and I believed that at some point I would come back to it, and many years later, I have.


My original intention was to start with a series of old granite quarries from my native New England. Before I got started however, it occurred to me that I had the perfect subject matter right in my adopted home of the Southwest. Excursions to Arches, Monument Valley, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon and many other great sites have inspired my latest paintings and expanded the scope of my western exploration. In doing so, I've moved on from the rural countryside of my beginnings to tackle more iconic and monumental subjects in a style and process that has essentially been my life's work.


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